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Provide information to increase members’ success, establish Texas REALTORS® as the trusted source for all real estate information, and communicate the value of the association to members and the public.

Strategic Goal 1

Target relevant information to meet members’ communications preference and interests.

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Strategic Goal 3

Strengthen direct communication between association leadership groups and members/local associations.


Strategic Goal 5

Communicate with the public the value proposition of REALTORS®, the benefit of a competitive real estate marketplace and the value of the MLS in that marketplace.


Strategic Goal 2

Foster communications with brokers/designated REALTORS®/team leaders that they can share with their agents.

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Strategic Goal 4

Undertake original research and leverage existing research/data to better serve members and consumers.

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Resources for Context

This list of ideas and thoughts was developed by the Strategic Planning Committee to provide context and insight into discussion that led to the creation of these strategic priorities.

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