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Establish Texas REALTORS® as the premier influencer of public opinion and policy in all areas related to real estate. 

Strategic Goal 1

Provide resources to members to advocate for the association’s positions at the state, local, and national levels.

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Strategic Goal 3

Identify emerging threats and opportunities for REALTORS® and real estate consumers. Educate members and the public about these topics and gather input to form association priorities and initiatives.

 Scales of Justice

Strategic Goal 5

Employ use of new technologies and innovative strategies to enhance advocacy effectiveness.

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Strategic Goal 2

Engage members and the public to address existing challenges—including affordability, fair housing, and economic sustainability.

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Strategic Goal 4

Communicate our positions with elected officials and consumers.

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Resources for Context

This list of ideas and thoughts was developed by the Strategic Planning Committee to provide context and insight into discussion that led to the creation of these strategic priorities.

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