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Regional Caucus Hold the Date

Updated: Jun 4

For any staff interested or involved in Regional Caucuses, please mark your calendars for a Regional Caucus Zoom meeting to be held August 21 at 10:00am (Central.)

Based on feedback from the new format used before the Winter Meeting, where individual Zoom meetings were held, and the Leadership Team presented exclusively, we are making changes to give RVPs a larger role in facilitating localized discussions. Members felt the meetings should offer more opportunities for region-specific discussion and feedback, and should be less of a presentation and more interactive.

To accommodate this request, the meeting format will be adjusted. The first 15 minutes will involve everyone in a large Zoom room where the Leadership Team will present key issues related to the upcoming Conference. After this presentation, members will join their specific regions in breakout rooms where RVPs will lead local discussions for as long as needed.

Stay tuned for more information, but please mark your calendars now for this important date.

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