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Welcome Lia Mote to Texas REALTORS®

Lia has joined the Governmental Affairs team as their new Advocacy Communications Manager on June 12, 2024. With her many years of experience in working with political campaigns, she is a welcome addition to Texas REALTORS®.

Here are a few fun facts about Lia:

  • Born in Athens, Greece

  • Immigrated to and grew up in Houston, Texas 

  • Became US citizen at eight years old

  • Met her husband in Parliamentary Procedure class in college

  • Will celebrate 33 years of marriage on July 28th

  • Has a daughter (25 yrs. old) and a son (20 yrs. old)

  • Loves playing volleyball, swimming and being near the ocean (especially the Greek islands,) wind surfing and writing speeches and messaging

  • Holds an undergraduate degree in public speaking and a master's degree in theatre

  • Ask her about the time the Secret Service "took her down"

  •  Was an intercollegiate debater in college and still loves to debate

  • The only good chocolate is dark chocolate

  • Absolutely no sense of direction

  • Can be a deep, philosophical thinker

  • Loves reading Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis  and Jane Austen

  • Absolutely hates snakes

  • Lived in Colorado for seven years

  • Served as a national delegate from Colorado for a national political convention in 1996

  • Has one dog - Midnight

  • Has worked in political campaigns since college

  • Favorite thought: "You teach people how to treat you." Dr. Laura Schlessinger 

  • Lia is short for Evangelia

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